Saturday, March 22, 2008

Top 30 Sites To Help Inspire Your Designs

Sometimes you simply can't come up with a concept for a new site, and staring at the empty screen for hours doesn't help you one bit. What follows is a collection of 30+ sites that will provide hundreds of ideas to help inspire you. - A collection of several hundred sites with impressive CSS designs. - A large collection of stylish pages for you to browse and get inspired. - A site that lets users put color sets together and inspire other designers to use them. - Over 1,500 CSS based sites, dived bcategories or tags. - Features news and announcements as well as monthly site galleries dating back to May 2004. - Over 1,700 sites for you to rate and comment on. Narrow your browsing by color. - Over 3,000 sites, all built with CSS, to inspire you. - Samples are tagged by colors, number of columns and so on. Rate them and look up the top rated. - Over 600 site samples for you browse and see if anything inspires you. - A collection of over 2,000 design samples for you to look through and see if anything strikes your fancy. - A site dedicated to liquid and elastic CSS designs. - A site to submit your latest CSS designs and allow others to vote on them a'la Digg style. Take a look around and see if something inspires you. - Over 1,100 sites have been submitted, vote on the one's you like best, or just browse them all. - Collecting sites that represent the best of the web since November of 2003. - A site demonstrating what you can do with CSS just by changing the style sheet, but none of the coding. - A fairly new site with only about 70+ sites in their archive so far, but also has articles, tutorials and more. - A Digg-style site for designers to vote on stories, share logos and see what others think, or get your own ideas. - A gallery of sites tagged by colors, design, style of site; it also features solutions to common design problems. - Over 700 sites in their gallery that you can look up by color, layout, type of site, or simply browse. - Over 500 designs that you can browse, comment on, and vote for. - A site focusing strictly on darker designs with light text. - A gallery of logos that is sure to inspire any designer. - A place to share your logos, enter contests and, well, get inspired. - An aggregator for multiple design inspiration sites. - A collection of over 2,000+ open source web designs. Download for use, or find inspiration in so many designs. - Over 9,400 samples for you to browse, vote, and comment on. - Tons of sites added to the gallery, tagged by their features such as dark, texture, and more. - Favorite Website Awards site with fave sites of the day, week, month, an people's choice. - A collection of over 2,300 sites, tagged by colors to easily find the color schemes you're looking for. - Over 1,200 WordPress themes to browse through; search by number of columns, color, or theme. (via)