Friday, March 14, 2008

Top 20 Tools and Lessons About SQL

SQL is all around us, but not everyone really knows its inner workings. We've gathered 20+ tools and lessons to help you learn all about it.

25 Commandments for MySQL Development - A list of 25 things all MySQL designers should keep in mind as they work.
Comparison of different SQL implementations - A simple page comparing all the different ways you can use the SQL language.
Instant SQL Formatter - Open several different forms of databases and output them in to a language of your choice including SQL.
Introduction to SQL - An introductory lesson to SQL, covering pretty much all the basics.
Learning SQL Using phpMyAdmin - A tutorial for learning the popular phpMyAdmin interface for MySQL database management.
MySQL Basics - A basic tutorial for those just starting out with learning MySQL.
MySQL Cheat Sheet - A quick reference for some of the most common commands in MySQL.
Oracle SQL Developer - A free graphical tool for developing an SQL database. - An open source database system developed on SQL.
SQL Designer - A site directed at teaching very basic beginners in SQL database work.
SQL Injection Attacks - A documentation of how “Injection Attacks” work on an SQL database.
SQL on Rails [PARODY] - A web framework for combining Ruby on Rails with SQL for quick deployment. - A large resource for all things related to SQL. - A very organized tutorial for SQL that lets you focus on one section at a time. - A tool for harnessing the power of Python and SQL together. - An interactive beginner's course to SQL that includes an on-line SQL interpreter. - Corrects spelling an syntax errors in your SQL code. - An interactive tutorial that teaches you the ins-and-outs of MySQL. - A site to get help with any troubles you may be having with SQL databases.
Stump The SQL Guru - From the, ask tough questions of an SQL expert.
W3 Schools SQL Tutorials - An extensive tutorial on SQL that includes quizzes and recommended reading list. (via)