Saturday, January 12, 2008

Top 30 Wiki Tools and Resources

Wikis, sites that can be collaboratively edited, are among the most popular tools for groups working together online. We've rounded up 30 of the best sites and resources - most of them free or low priced.

Hosted Wikis

PBwiki - create your personal wiki in less than 30 seconds with this easy online service. Special solutions for educational, business and personal use.

OttoWiki - build up your personal wiki to track projects or collaborate on documents online.

WikiSpaces - create simple web pages that groups, friends, and families can edit together.

WetPaint - build up public and private wikis and join one of the largest wiki communities.

ServerSideWiki - create a web-hosted wiki specifically designed for extremely fast load times.

StikiPad - a hosted wiki solution that gives you an easy way to organize your information and share it with others.

Netcipia - create free private wikis and blogs and invite your coworkers, familiy and friends.

Ziwiki - build up a free wiki site and collaborate with a large community of users.

Near-Time - create and customize collaborative wikis for your business, customers and friends.

LittleWiki - set up free public and private wiki pages that anyone can edit.

TiddlySpot - get your wiki with no installation required and make it private or public.

ProjectForum - create hosted wikis to share, discuss and review ideas collaboratively (self hosted version available too)

Socialtext - build up a wiki in a few seconds. Different plans available for enterprises and smaller groups.

WikiBios - create a wiki page and edit your own biography. You will become part of a large social network.

Wiki - create free wikispaces of up to 5 members each with 25MB storage.

Wikidot - free and professional wiki publishing, collaboration and communication solutions.

Zoho Wiki - create free hosted group wikis and edit them collaboratively. - create public or private wikis and easily integrate them with your existing website.

JotSpot - popular wiki creation service that is momentarily suspended after having been acquired by Google.

Wikia - a community of users that create, share and discover topics they are passionate about through wikis.

EditMe - wiki hosting service that helps non-technical users to quickly and easily build editable web sites.

Versionate - create collaborative spaces where you can share information and review it with other people.

Self-Hosted/Open Source Wikis

ProjectForum - software to create wikis to share, discuss and review ideas collaboratively (hosted version available too).

Kwiki - wiki software with over 200 plugins that let you customize the look of your wiki.

XWiki - open source wiki released under the LGPL license

Twiki - enterprise collaboration platform and knowledge management system based on wikis.

OpenWiki - software that lets you create workspaces that can be collaboratively edited by anyone or by selected users.

MediaWiki - free software wiki package originally written for Wikipedia. It's available for everyone to use.

Confluence - enterprise wiki software that makes it easy for your team to collaborate and share knowledge.

Wiki Search / Browsing Tools

Gollum - a fast and user friendly tool that lets you browse through Wikipedia.

Qwika - search articles in Wikipedia with this tool that bridges the language gaps.

Wikiseek - another interesting service that lets you search items within Wikipedia.

WikiWix - search engine specialized in searching content within Wikipedia. (via)