Thursday, January 10, 2008

Top 30 Tools to Turn Wordpress into Personal Hub

With more of our lives being lived online, it's nice to centralize our media as much as possible. New aggregated social networks are springing up, but did you know you can do much of this already from your blog? These 30+ Wordpress tools will help you display and run more of your digital life from Wordpress itself.

This post is part of the Wordpress Tips series.

Social Site Integration

Blogmark Integration - Display your Blogmarks list on your blog.

DiggClick - Add the Digg button to the beginning of your posts.

DiggIT - Allows you to add the Digg button, will work even if someone had already submitted your post.

Facebook Comments - Allows you to bring comments on your notes over to the relevant blog post so you can have them all in one place.

Gregarious - Combines a Digg button plugin with Alex King's popular “Share This” plugin for social bookmarking.

Ma.gnolia Widget - Display links from your Ma.gnolia account using this widget.

Reddit Button - Adds a Reddit button to your blog posts.

StumbleCrumble - Lets you show a pre-determined number of your latest Stumbled websites on your own blog.

Status Indicators

360Voice Bits Plugin - Connects with to post the latest info on your 360 standings.

AIM Online Status Indicator - Let your readers know if you're online.

IM Online - Supports AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk, Skype and ICQ. Features different icon sets.

MeeboMe Plugin For WordPress - Display a Meebo widget on your blog so you can chat with your visitors.

WP-ICQ-Status - Display your current ICQ status on your blog.

Xbox 360 Gamercard WordPress Plugin - Allows you to display your Xbox 360 Gamecard.

Miscellaneous Site Integration

.Mac Sidebar WP Plugin - Display information from your .Mac account in your WordPress sidebar.

Amazon Wishlist - Add your Amazon Wishlist to your blog, allow your readers to buy you a little something for keeping them entertained.

Bloggersnap - Allow visitors to your site to take a webcam shot and post it to your blog.

EasyPayPal - Allows you to accept payments for many services including subscriptions, trial periods, and more.

Ebay Sales Lister - Display Ebay listings (from your account or others) on your site.

Facebook Photos - Allows easy access to your Facebook photos for use in your blog.

GetWiki - Embed a Wikipedia article anywhere in your blog you like.

iTunesSpy - Display your latest played songs on your WordPress blog.
Last Amazon Review - Displays latest reviews from the Amazon RSS, supports Associate IDs.

MasterWish - Place your wishlist from on your blog.

Netflix - Share portions of your Netflix queue with your readers, let them know what you're renting or already have.

Phoogle - Add Google Maps to any of your posts and add as many markers as you'd like. Headlines - Display the latest headlines from Slashdot on your site.

PayPal Donate Button - Allows you to add a “Make a Donation” button powered by PayPal.

WP-Twit - Display your latest Twitter postings on your site.

Yahoo Browser-Based Authentication - Allows users to sign in to your blog using their Yahoo ID and password.

Your YouTube Favorite Videos - Display your favorited YouTube videos on your site.

YouTube Video Gallery - Display a gallery of YouTube videos you choose on your site. (via)