Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Top 120 RSS Toolbox And Resources

Never again will mankind have to look for RSS info in more than one place…ok, we're kidding, but we've aimed to create a near comprehensive list of all the RSS readers, tools, browser plugins, tips, hacks and directories available on the web. We hope you find it useful (we built it because we needed it), and feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments.

For those just starting out in the big wide world of RSS, note that we're talking about Really Simple Syndication, a way to publish and subscribe to frequently updated content like blog entries and news items.

RSS readers - Windows

Omea - one of the most fully featured RSS readers out there; can get a little slow as its database grows; free in its basic version, also has a commercial, advanced version with more features

Mozilla Thunderbird - Mozilla's e-mail and RSS reader, supports skins and add-ons

Awasu - RSS reader with a customizable user interface, the ability to synchronize with other readers, bookmarking and annotation, and republishing of your feeds

GreatNews - integrates with Bloglines, and offers a very fast way to browse through your feeds

RSS Bandit - RSS reader that offers organization of your feeds through folders, as well as synchronization across several installations

IntraVNews - an RSS reader that integrates with Microsoft's Outlook.

SharpReader - requires .NET framework, lets you organize feeds into folders, integrates with Feedster, can display new items via system tray popups

eCruiser - an RSS reader in Japanese

Juice - a pretty basic RSS reader

Opera - Opera web browser comes with a fully featured RSS reader

FeedDemon - Newsgator's feed reader offering a high degree of customization, newspaper-style feed reading, synchronization with other Newsgator products, and feed search

Snarfer - a free RSS reader, with key features being river of news style view, embedded video display, synchronization with Bloglines, powerful search and filtering

Active RSS Reader - simple RSS reader with a very small hard disk and memory footprint

Feed Amasser - a very lightweight, freeware RSS reader

FeedExpress - a freeware, open source RSS reader; quite basic, but with some nice features, for example CSS customization

Crackfeed - a tiny systray based application that notifies you with RSS news as they come

HappyFish - RSS reader and podcast client, requires .NET 2.0

Attensa for Outlook - RSS reader that fully integrates with Outlook, support OPML import/export, scheduling, republishing, and advanced feed organization

Briz RSS Reader - a very simple RSS reader

Particls - desktop RSS notifier and ticker with lots of options, also has a Firefox plugin

Anothr - RSS reader/bot for Skype/Gtalk/MSN

RSS readers - OS X

Newsfire - RSS reader for OS X

NetNewsWire - Newsgator's RSS reader for the Mac comes in two flavors: commercial and free

PixelNews - a commercial Mac OS X RSS reader that comes with a huge database of feeds

Shrook - a Mac RSS reader which also has a web based version; supports synchronization, instant notifications via Growl, real time search, smart grouping and more

Vienna - a freeware, open source RSS/Atom newsreader, with a built-in tabbed browser and the ability to customize feed display

NewsLife - RSS reader for the Mac, pleasing to the eye, simple and easy to use

Squeet - another Mac RSS reader, currently on hiatus

RSS readers - Linux

Liferea - RSS reader for Gnome users

Akregator - RSS reader for KDE

Straw - RSS reader for Gnome, supports RSS and ATOM, as well as exporting/importing OPML feeds

Snownews - text based RSS reader for all you 1337 people

AgileRSS - desktop aggregator that is able to display any RSS, ATOM, and XML news feed; also offers an RSS news ticker

RSS Readers - cross-platform

RSSOwl - works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Offers, among other features, a multi-pane, highly customizable interface, OPML and blogroll import, internal browser, and a search engine.

BottomFeeder Rich-featured multiplatform RSS reader (works on Linux as well as Windows and OS X), supports CSS customization, OPML import/export, and plugins.

BlogBridge - open source RSS aggregator that allows you to create dynamic feed reading lists

RSS readers - web based

Google Reader – In addition to tracking your feeds, Google's popular RSS reader allows you to star items (like in Gmail), view trends in your feeds and reading habits, and recently added an option to read feeds offline.

iGoogle – Formerly known as Google Personalized Home, iGoogle allows you to include RSS feeds as part of your custom start page.

Netvibes - This personal homepage provider includes hundreds of “modules” you can add to your page from Hotmail to your Flickr photos, but also lets you create your own modules by simply entering an RSS feed URL.

Pageflakes – Another personalized homepage provider, Pageflakes functions similar to Netvibes, letting you select from pre-made modules or create your own by adding an RSS feed.

My Yahoo! – Still the most widely used custom homepage on the Web, My Yahoo now allows you to add RSS feeds alongside your weather, stock quotes, and news. Similar to Netvibes and Pageflakes, My Yahoo allows you to re-arrange your feeds with drag and drop features.

My Netscape – Netscape's personal homepage service also includes the ability to add RSS feeds as content modules. An account also lets you participate in their Digg-like homepage voting.

Daily Rotation – A no-frills personalized homepage aimed targeted at techies, Daily Rotation includes recommended feeds from hundreds of tech sites, and also lets you add in additional feeds of your own choosing.

Rojo – A part of Six Apart, Rojo is a web-based reader that combines RSS aggregation with a community of sorts, showing what people are reading on their homepage.

Bloglines – One of the early online RSS readers, Bloglines “split screen” interface makes it easy to view the full content of any of your feeds. The service is part of the IAC family of sites.

Newsgator – NewsGator's RSS reader allows you to organize your feeds in Windows-style folders that can be expanded and collapsed.

MySindicaat - an advanced online RSS reader with a tree-like feed layout, available in several different flavors, including a mini ticker and a mobile RSS viewer. It also has RSS mixing capabilities.

Fwicki - web based RSS reader that lets you create custom river-of-news style feeds.

NewsAlloy - a fast and full-featured web based RSS reader. Also has a mobile version.

Feeds 2.0 - a personalized RSS aggregator, that learns from your reading habits and displays relevant feeds

Mobile RSS Readers

NewsGator Go! – NewsGator's mobile version syncs with user's online accounts, allowing you to read their feeds on the go for $29.95.

LiteFeeds – Once downloaded to your phone, LiteFeeds allows you to browse your feeds, email articles to friends, or bookmark them to your account.

Egress – This program for Windows Mobile sports a clean UI and also supports podcasts. Egress is available for $12.95.

Mobispine – Mobispine is a free Java application for reading your feeds on your mobile. The service also includes a web component where users can add feeds to the Mobispine database, see related feeds, and leave comments.

Quick News – Designed for Palm OS, Quick News lets you download feeds either via a HotSync or a direct internet connection for later use, which enables offline (or out of coverage) reading.

Bloglines Mobile – The popular web-based reader also offers a browser-based mobile version to access your feeds without downloading anything.

FeederReader – This application is designed for phones running Windows Mobile, and bills itself as being especially well suited for developers, allowing you to view the RAW XML files for and its XML elements and attributes.

FreeRange – This Java application will work on Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. The site has optional Google Reader integration.

Google Reader Mobile – If you use Google Reader, you can access a version designed for mobile phones.

ZapTXT for mobile - mobile version of the ZapTXT widget.

RSS to email converters

Feedblitz - one of the most popular RSS to e-mail converters. Supported by FeedBurner. Also has a Firefox plugin.

ZapTXT - monitors feeds for certain terms and sends you notifications via e-mail. Also has a mobile version.

R|Mail - offers simple subscription to any RSS feed, as well as an R|mail subscription widget which you can use on your site

RSS Feed Validators

Feed Validator – By entering your feed URL at Feed Validator, the service will literally translate your RSS to code and identify any potential problems. It works with versions of RSS up to 2.0.

RSS 1.0 Validator – This validator for RSS 1.0 generates an HTML page identifying any errors.

Redland RSS 1.0 Validator & Viewer – This validator offers a variety of display options for checking your feeds.

RSS-related plugins - Firefox

Sage - RSS reader for Firefox, has a decent amount of options, allows CSS customization

Wizz - a very advanced RSS reader for Firefox with a huge set of options

RSS Ticker - an RSS ticker for Firefox with a large number of options

Beatnik - simple RSS reader for Firefox

BlogRovr - a Firefox plugin that brings you related news based on your feed choices and the website you're currently visiting

NewsFox - fully featured RSS reader for Firefox, with three panes; similar to Thunderbird

InfoRSS - another RSS ticker for Firefox with a very comprehensive set of options

Feedbar - Feedbar displays new live bookmarks items directly in your Firefox sidebar

RSS-related plugins - Wordpress

Feedlist - a wordpress plugin that displays linked lists imported from an RSS or ATOM feed

Feedsmith - redirects all RSS feeds on a Wordpress blog to the Feedburner feed.

Fedafi RSS plugin - a plugin for Wordpress that creates a full text valid RSS 2.0 feed from your Wordpress blog and adds a style sheet, tracks subscribers and clicks on articles.

BDP RSS aggregator - converts RSS feeds to Wordpress blog entries. Handy for creating an automatic blog.

Sig2Feed - Wordpress plugin that lets you add a signature to your RSS feeds

RSS-related plugins - other

Good News Trillian RSS plugin - allows you to read RSS feeds in Trillian

RSSNews - RSS reader for IM client Miranda

RSS Feed Scanner - Azureus plugin that allows for automated downloads by means of advanced feed filter configurability

RSS Popper - RSS plugin for Outlook and Outlook Express

RSS Reader for Gaim - enables you to read RSS feeds in Pidgin (formerly Gaim)

RSS managers

Feedburner - the obvious one. Recently acquired by Google, FeedBurner has become the de facto standard for RSS feed management, offering a huge set of features, including detailed analytics, chicklets, feed optimization and ad insertion.

WebPasties - a set of RSS-related tools, including some feed management features

FeedPass - creates a nice landing page for your feeds

RSS mixers

Yahoo! Pipes - an advanced RSS mixer with a graphical user interface; supports simple operators, filters, and many advanced functions

Feedbite - a combination of an online RSS reader and an RSS mixer, with the possibility to vote for RSS “bundles”

Feedblendr - a very simple RSS mixer that doesn't require registration

Blogsieve - full featured RSS mixer that lets you blend up to 5 feeds and do some advanced filtering on the results

Feedcombine - RSS mixer that lets you blend feeds from a list of predefined sources

Feedshake - RSS mixing and some basic filtering

xFruits - a set of very neat tools for RSS blending, filtering and conversion, including an RSS to PDF tool

BlastFeed - an RSS mixer that lets you combine and filter feeds and get them delivered via e-mail, IM or RSS

FeedRinse - an advanced RSS filter that enables you to get rid of the “spam” in your RSS feeds

FeedDigest - RSS mixer that lets you mix and sort feeds and then republish them on a website

Popfly - Microsoft's very promising RSS mixer, currently in closed beta

Google Mashup Editor (GME) - Google's set of developer tools for creating mashups

RSSMesh - a PHP script that lets you blend several feeds into one

Afeeda - RSS mixer which lets you blend all your favorite feeds into one

RSS Ping Tools

Pingoat – On Pingoat, you enter your blog URL and select the services you would like to ping. Doing so will make sure that the selected sites crawl and index your site. The site has nearly 50 different services you can ping.

Ping-o-matic – Enter your blog or feed URL and select from a variety of blog search engines and Ping-o-matic will send them a ping. The site has about 20 services to choose from.

Blog Flux – In addition to a variety of other tools for bloggers, Blog Flux offers Pinger, which includes more than 30 sites you can automatically ping, including several language specific indexes.

ping service – This site is mostly in Dutch and automatically pings a few of the larger services such as Technorati and

Feed directories

Syndic8 - one of the biggest RSS feed directories; integrates with several services on this list

Technorati - indexes blogs based on tags and authority, as measured by incoming links.

Feedster - organizes feeds into content channels such as technology and celebrity gossip.

Blogstreet - places feeds into different directory categories and also has a Digg-like homepage powered by user rankings. - one of the original feed directories, simply shows the most recent blog updates automatically as they happen.

Icerocket - a blog search engine that also keeps track of blog statistics with their Blog Tracker product. - a simple listing of recently updated blogs in the spirit of

blogdigger - blog search engine, also has a Local feature for finding bloggers in your area. - a categorized blog directory and search engine with about 10,000 feeds indexed.

WeBlogALot - a blog directory that also pulls in breaking news feeds from mainstream sources.

RSS tips & hacks

Steve Rubel's collection of RSS hacks

Another set of RSS-related hacks from Steve Rubel

Web Worker Daily's tips on RSS reading

5 RSS tips by LifeDev

Steve Rubel's 35 ways to use RSS feeds

RSS tools for Firefox - a detailed roundup of RSS-related add-ons for Firefox here on Mashable

Mister Tipster - a hardware USB mini display aimed specifically at displaying RSS feeds

Some RSS tips from Wired

Read RSS on your AppleTV

Miscellaneous RSS-related tools

SearchFeedr - RSS feed search, supports Yahoo!, Google, MSN Live and Altavista

FeedCycle - bundles feeds into “episodes” and delivers them on a scheduled/daily basis

FeedCrier - brings RSS feeds to your instant messenger

Clicky's RSS feed - Clicky is a web analytics tool which can deliver analytics results via an RSS feed

RSS Panel X - a Greasemonkey script that displays RSS, Atom, hAtom and OPML directly from originating website

FeedForAll - create and edit RSS feeds and podcasts

Radio UserLand - a combination of a publishing platform and a news aggregator

Custom Reader - a white label RSS reader solution, ready to be branded to your liking

Chaos Wallpaper - RSS reader and wallpaper changer in one

FireAnt - RSS reader focused on podcasts, vidcasts, and media

NewsAloud - converts RSS feeds to voice

RSS2PDF - converts RSS feeds to PDF format

Dapper - creates an RSS feed from any website

Feedity - another RSS generator that can generate an RSS feed from any website

RSSMicro - an RSS search engine; searches over 65 million feeds (via)