Clarissa Harlowe LETTER LXXXII


[Mr. Belford acquaints his friend with the generosity of Lord M. and the

Ladies of his family; and with the Lady’s grateful sentiments upon

the occasion.

He says, that in hopes to avoid the pain of seeing him, (Mr. Lovelace,)

she intends to answer his letter of the 7th, though much against

her inclination.]

’She took great notice,’ says Mr. Belford, ’of that passage in your’s, which makes necessary to the Divine pardon, the forgiveness of a person causelessly injured.

’Her grandfather, I find, has enabled her at eighteen years of age to make her will, and to devise great part of his estate to whom she pleases of the family, and the rest out of it (if she die single) at her own discretion; and this to create respect to her! as he apprehended that she would be envied: and she now resolves to set about making her will out of hand.’

[Mr. Belford insists upon the promise he had made him, not to molest the

Lady: and gives him the contents of her answer to Lord M. and the

Ladies of his Lordship’s family, declining their generous offers.

See Letter LXXX. of this volume.