You can contact me at my email address, in fact, I gladly welcome personal email intended specifically for me! Make sure you really intend to talk with me.

My email address is "webmaster", followed by the "at" sign, followed by "", You are not permitted to send unsolicited bulk email (UBE, commonly referred to as spam) .

Why do I dislike span? Basically, I receive a horrendous amount of spam, so I use various filters and automatically throw away, without review, all email that looks like spam. I'm sorry, but it has to be that way. Be sure that your message doesn't look like spam! For example, use a very specific subject line (not "hi", URGENT, a blank line, or other nondescript things). Send the message as ordinary text; I normally ignore HTML text, and messages with just a URL will be trashed too. Use English; I don't read anything else well, and I get a lot of non-English spam. Never send me executable attachments like ".exe" files; those are immediately tossed (no one should ever execute arbitrary code sent by email, since email is easily spoofed and malware can send email from a compromised machine). Useful attachments (like patches to my source code) are very welcome, but the main body of your text will need to convince me that I should open the attachment. When in doubt, I throw it out.