Top 20 Sporting Social Networks

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With the baseball playoffs going on, American football in full swing, and the English Premiere League season heating up, it seems sports are everywhere nowadays. So, we’ve gathered 20+ social networks related to sports for you to check out and see if any strike your fancy. – For all the fishermen out there. Share [...]

Following up on the advertising toolbox, you also need to let the media (oh if only there was a site about web 2.0 and social networking where you could get covered…) know about your new venture. We’ve gathered 20+ sites that will help you with getting your press release out in the world for free. [...]

Top 20 Orkut Tools

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Orkut may be a bit neglected in the wake of all the Facebook and MySpace related news, but they’re supposedly working on an API, too. If so, we might soon see a lot of new Orkut applications coming up. For the time being, this is a collection of some useful browser addons and desktop tools [...]

Top 20 Apple TV Plugins And Hacks

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Leopard is coming soon, and some reports claim that the new Front Row is going to borrow its look from New-Digital-TV-Boxes Mar-08. In the meantime, Apple TVs themselves are cheaper then ever, but Apple is strangely quiet about it. Is Apple TV the future of home entertainment or is it Apple’s blunder which will probably [...]

We’ve been covering topics such as how to design your site, and even how to code it, but before you do all that, you need to register a domain name. Here are 30+ tools to help you figure out a good name and register it. And if what you want isn’t available, you can always [...]

Top 30 Stock Market Tools & Resources

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With bulls once again controlling the stock market Wall-Street-Crash, interest in stock trading Bear-Stearns-Troubles is on the upswing again. Here are 30+ sites to help you learn some things about trading and then trying your own hand at it. Brokers – An online broker that starts you off with 100 commission free trades. [...]

Top 30 News Related Sites

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Everyone knows about the big news sources such as Google, Yahoo, BBC, and so on, but there is a whole world of customizable news sites and news aggregators out there. We’ve gathered 30+ sites to help you wade through the enormous amount of information that comes your way on the Internet. Customizable News – [...]

The world wide web can be a good place to start learning a foreign language. This is a compilation of language communities, tools, and other online resources that’ll help you get started. Language Communities Chaula – Chaula is a pronunciation dictionary created by the community and a social network where you can help other people [...]

Top 20 Database Tools & Resources

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It’s never too late to start learning about databases, because they’re pretty much ubiquitous and you’re bound to bump into them sooner or later. We’ve gathered 20+ tools to help you get started working with them. – Works with RRDtool to provide more graphing options, advanced templating, and more. Database Administration and SQL Scripts [...]

Sometimes you simply can’t come up with a concept for a new site, and staring at the empty screen for hours doesn’t help you one bit. What follows is a collection of 30+ sites that will provide hundreds of ideas to help inspire you. – A collection of several hundred sites with impressive CSS [...]

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